I teach undergraduate and graduate psychology courses and graduate courses in the Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences at Michigan Technological University

Classes include:

PSY 3000: Introduction to Research methods

This class is an experiential research methods in psychology class. We cover basic research methods (including ethical issues, observational methods, interview methods, survey methods, and experimental methods), statistical and data handling (using both excel and JASP), and students design and complete a short group research project. To complete the class, they write a proposal for their 3001 research class.

PSY 3001: Research Methods II.

This class is taught in the spring semester, and entails students who have completed 3000 a guided research project in which they design, conduct, and present their research.

PSY 5210: Advanced Statistical Analysis and Design I.

This class covers statistical analysis in R. It covers the basics of programming and data management, statistical testing (traditional, Bayes factor, and non-parametric), and advanced treatment of regression and ANOVA in R. The course book is available here, and youtube lectures are here. It is targeted to graduate students in both human factors and data science.

PSY 5220 Advanced Statistical Analysis and Design II:

This class covers more specialized and multivariate statistical methods, including MANOVA, generalized linear regression, classification methods, clustering, scaling and factor analysis. It is targeted to graduate students in both human factors and data science.