I am a Professor of Psychology at Michigan Technological University. My research focuses on applied cognitive science, including decision making, memory, and computational/mathematical modeling.


Prior to coming to MTU, I was a Senior Research Scientist at Applied Research Associates (ARA), Inc. Before that, I was a postdoctoral researcher Prof. Richard Shiffrin in the Memory and Perception Lab at Indiana University‘s Department of Psychology. I obtained my doctoral degree in the Cognition and Perception program of the University of Michigan’s Psychology Department. While at Michigan, I worked in the Brain, Cognition, and Action Laboratory under the direction of David E. Meyer. I graduated summa cum laud from Drew University with degrees in Mathematics and Psychology.

Research Interests

I study the human cognitive, perceptual, and memory systems using empirical, computational, mathematical, and statistical techniques. My primary research interest is in developing models of how human memory systems represent knowledge, and how people use that knowledge to accomplish tasks. This ranges from low-level representations of the perceptual systems to high-level decisions made on the basis of expert knowledge.