Using PEBL Remotely Tutorial 2: PEBL Data Server

This blog post is a companion to a video tutorial here: The files used in this tutorial can be downloaded here: This blog posting describes how to user the PEBL Data server to allow you to upload data to a central server, once it has been completed by a participant. It covers a number […]

Tutorial series on Using PEBL remotely

With the recent social distancing measures, people are looking for ways to run PEBL tests remotely in one way or another. Although I have made attempts several times to create a version that runs within a web browser, this method does not work currently.  However, there are several other approaches and possible use cases. I […]

Using PEBL Remotely Tutorial 1: creating a standalone package for participants to download

This is a companion blog post to the video tutorial here: I will give details here that are hard to follow in the video. In this tutorial, I will show how you can create a .zip file that participants can unzip onto their own computer, run, and then follow your instructions for getting the data […]

Cognitive Science Symposium “What Makes A Good Explanation? Cognitive Dimensions Of Explaining Intelligent Machines”

I will be presenting research related to the DARPA XAI program at the 2019 Cognitive Science Society Meeting, Saturday July 27. The symposium is called “What Makes A Good Explanation? Cognitive Dimensions Of Explaining Intelligent Machines”, and presenters include Roberto Confalonieri, Tarek R. Besold, Tillman Weyde, Kathleen Creel Tania Lombrozo, Shane Mueller, and Patrick Shafto.

What the AI Saw

My student Anne Linja presented her poster “What the AI Saw: Examining human predictions of deep image classification errors” at the Midwest Cognitive Science Conference in Columbus OH May 28, 2019. A link to the poster is here:

NDM Symposium

Dr. Mueller will be presenting at a symposium on artificial intelligence at the 2019 conference on Naturalistic decision making, Thursday June 20, 2019.